Bespoke Furniture Photography

Are you looking for a furniture photographer who can make your products immediately recognisable and stand out to customers? Liquid Photography has years of experience taking the showroom shine to your customers whether they are viewing our furniture photography online or in-print. Our product photography service provides a bespoke photography service to brands, manufacturers, furniture manufacturers and businesses. Our photographs are exquisite and versatile so you can trust they will help drive sales and promote your business.

Professional Photographers

Obtaining high quality photography that sells the benefits of your product without blowing your marketing budget is a serious challenge for many brands. Often the exorbitant costs laid on that are part of engaging with advertising agencies means less profitable campaigns. The team at Liquid Photography are adept at providing creative solutions no matter what unique product you’re attempting to portray in your marketing material. Our team are highly experienced photographers and can draw upon their vast experience solving problems whether that be taking into account the idiosyncrasies of your product so it works best in high definition furniture photography or creating custom equipment to ensure the shoot complements your product.

Visually Stunning Photography

Liquid Photography has got the lighting and the knowledge to cover all the angles to get the best furniture photography shot make your product shine, whetther it’s for a website product listing or not. Our high quality photography will attract the eye of visitors to your ecommerce store or web app with visually stunning images that create desire in your customers. We’ll bring the photographic studio to you including all the lighting and equipment to help your product shine. We will also provide access to a monitor so you can play an active role during the shoot to manipulate the conditions so you can get the shot that your marketing team requires for promotion and branding. Our team are highly skilled technicians experience who can help manipulate the setting and create solutions to photograph your product in the best light.

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